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OUtdoor fenced turf field

New Summer 2021 -- 25,000 square foot turf field.  Perfect for all team practices, with batters box, base path demarcations, hash marks for a full 50 yard football field, and ample room for soccer and other field sports.  Field is enclosed with metal fence with netting extending above the fence for safety and ease of use.  

Indoor Air Conditioned/Heated Facility

17,000 square foot facility, with 15,000 square feet of clearspan turf training area.  Netting creates distinct training spaces, such as pitching and hitting tunnels and team practice areas, so that multiple teams can practice at one time.  All netting is retractable, creating a wide-open, clear space.  

Hours of Operation

The facility is generally open/available for use between 9 am and 9 pm. 

Speed and Agility training schedules are HERE.  

To rent facility space please contact us.


Facility Rental


Rent turf space at The Competitive Edge Training for indoor turf athletic training or practice or outdoor turf time.

Team Bookings:  We have you covered!  Bookings can be made through Jeff at CE through email or call/text 816-719-0279.  Availability includes:

  • Outdoor turf reservations
  • Indoor batting cages
  • Indoor open areas for fielding
  • Team practices with cages/open area combination
  • Entire facility rental 

Bulk Rentals:  We offer a 10% discount for rental packages of 10+ sessions (all categories, individual and team).  To take advantage of this discount, mention up front when booking your time at CE!